The Rotary Club of Maffra Mardi Gras is an alcohol free, family oriented event with food and market stalls, plenty of free kids activities and a grand parade of floats, vintage vehicles and trucks. 
At the end of the evening there is a presentation to the float winners and to the Fundraising Entrants. Entrants are members of various local organisations who raise funds for their projects during the 6 weeks leading up to the event. The event benefits these organisations as well as the Rotary Club of Maffra, which takes a small proportion of these funds for putting back into other community projects.  The event itself brings the community together for an afternoon/evening of fun and enjoyment. 
The Maffra Mardi Gras follows in the medieval tradition of a carnival with lots of feasting before the 40 day fast for Lent, the period before Easter. The term Mardi Gras literally means fat Tuesday.