Posted by Dianne Honey on Sep 09, 2018
 Students have a wonderful experience at MUNA
 Claire Coster and Emily Saddington, students at Maffra Secondary College spoke to our members and guests about their Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) experience. MUNA is a Rotary project designed to create an awareness of the role of the United Nations in mediating international issues.
Prior to the weekend our students, who were representing France did some research so they could immerse themselves in French culture and politics. There were thirty teams consisting of two members.
  Resolutions were on a variety of topics such as genocide in Myanmar, disarming Korea, violence against women, the Syrian situation, to mention a few. Claire and Emily had to remember to vote or abstain in a manner that represented France. When they saw France's allies abstaining they thought they should do the same!
Apart from developing an understanding of current events, they now have some great friendships with reunions being planned. The students learnt some valuable skills such as the ability to think on the spot, write and debate.
 Both students were very glad to have had this opportunity and thanked members for sponsoring them.