Posted by Dianne Honey on Jun 14, 2018
 American YEP returns to visit Maffra
  Welcome back Lisa Kennedy. We had the pleasure to have a former YEP come back and visit us. Our members and host families had left such a lasting impression on Lisa so much so that she came back!! Lisa spoke a bit about her Mum who is the Chairman of District 7430 Youth committee. During Lisa's talk she said her interest in an overseas youth exchange came about because she was in Interact. The next day she was interviewed and the rest is history. Lisa is a Rotaractor. She intends to be a Rotarian next time she visits us. How exciting! It was a delight to have you join us for our meeting and to hear about what you have done in the interim. Well done Lisa on graduating with your Marketing Degree. Upon returning home Lisa will take up a position with JP Morgan Chase as a business analyst. Lisa thanked members for giving her the opportunity to be on the youth exchange program. Lisa also thanked her host families. We thank them as well.   It was a delight to have the opportunity to catch up with LIsa.
Lisa is pictured with 2 of her host families, L-R Brendan and Karen Callahan and Sue and Kirsty Hewlitt.