Posted by Claire Cochrane on May 08, 2023

Rotarian Ted Mitchell is dedicated to ensuring that the Rotary Club of Maffra takes on board Rotary’s seventh Area of Focus, the Environment. He was recently invited by the local Landcare group to take part in a tree-planting project, having worked with them before on a nest box project for our nearby Redgum Reserve.

Planting trees is not only a necessary action to take to help our environment, but was also a collaborative exercise between the Rotary Club of Maffra and Landcare. About 150 trees were planted on the day along the Maffra – Tinamba Rail Trail.

The Club is planning to continue to build our relationship with Landcare.  Together with other community groups, Landcare is working to revitalise the Maffra Wetlands. Ted has started a project to build a new Bird Hide for the Wetlands, as the Alistair Fielding Bird Hide has fallen into disrepair.

We look forward to continuing our engagement in environmental projects in a practical manner as well as increasing awareness of the beauties of the natural environment.