Boisdale Stables - a capsule of the early 1900s
A great way to start 2018 with a walking tour to view the historical township of Boisdale with dinner in the restored Boisdale Stables. The Boisdale Progress Association along with the Boisdale Stables sub committee have done a fantastic job in enabling the Stables to be opened up so others can enjoy the building. The stables are in their original condition, apart from a section of the roof which blew off in storms in the early 2000s. It is a beautiful building which was donated to them in 2007 by the Foster family. They have received tremendous support from locals, businesses, tradespeople and various State and local government organisations.
The Boisdale Stables sub committee set up some beautifully decorated tables for our members to enjoy their delicious dinner which was provided by Duart Homestead! A very enjoyable evening enjoyed by our members and guests.