Guest Speaker Tim Clark,

a pharmacist from Traralgon, gave an interesting talk on various aspects of the pharmacy industry and how it has progressed over the years.
Tim got off to a shaky start by detailing his friendship with Steve Dwyer, and how they had acted together in various plays over the years with the Sale Theatre Company.
We forgave him though, and listened intently as he delved into the past and produced a couple of interesting books; an old prescription book from over 50 years ago, and a formulations book which was about 20 years old.
Tim told us that he rarely mixes formulations now, and they are mostly creams. He believes the future of pharmacy will be a centralised data base, which would hopefully prevent patients doctor shopping and getting more than their prescribe dose of medications.
A typical day for Tim would involve filing approximately 450 prescriptions, making up 2 preparations, talking to doctors around 4 to 5 times, and visiting nursing homes to talk to patients and keep up to date on their medications.
A number of questions followed, which showed how interesting his talk had been, and he was warmly thanked in the usual manner.