French Canadian Exchange Student thanks Club and Host Families
Mat outlined his exchange year after he farewelled his parents in Quebec on 26 July last year.

Met by Roger, he’d spent his first week at Coongulla with Roger - his first experience of the bush with bike riding and bush walking, tried to help with the cooking and discovered Maffra Cheese.
Then came his first camp, first Rotary meeting. With the Whiley’s he visited Wollangarra camp where he helped with cooking for 50 people with no electricity - a good place and lots of good people. Christine Hill, Paul Whiley, Thomas Whiley, Gayle Coleman and former exchange student Amey Coleman. Peter Cooke and Isabel Robertson of Trafalgar, Mathieu Dorval, Rachel Nicholls of Stratford whose daughter Grace is a YEP candidate.
Harry Coleman, Luc Heller, Charlie Cam, Vincent Powitz and Angus Cam. He also visited Walhalla, Lakes Entrance, Raymond Island where he saw his first kangaroo and koala Wilsons Prom and enjoyed outdoor activities and Geo-caching. At the Cams he dressed as a girl for Christmas, visited the car museum and had a trip on the Great Ocean Road, an Aussie Christmas with a barbecue.
Among the ‘best’ parts of his trip were: • A five day trip to Kakadu and Litchfield • Rock to Reef - three weeks travelling around Australia visiting the Opera House and Ayers Rock. • The ‘ride’ to the conference - a proud achievement - and joining a surprise theme evening. • Experiencing White Night in Melbourne.• A fishing trip with Rotary in OrbostMat said there were many similarities between Canada and Australia but he felt Australians were friendlier, and Australia was more expensive. He said his exchange year had made in more independent, improved his English, he’d made new friends, developed a desire to travel the world and discovered the ‘country’ style of life. Two days after he returns to Canada he will start work at a camp and at the end of August begins college to obtain a Bachelor of Business. The college has a partnership with Griffiths University in Brisbane which would enable him to complete some of his study there. And the urge to travel will see him off to Europe for three weeks in December - his birthday present from his parents (his birthday on 13 June will be celebrated with Charlie Cam who turns 18 the following week). Mat thanked his host parents and the club for his exchange year.