Posted by Claire Cochrane on May 08, 2023
The Rotary Club of Maffra hosts the Australia Day Celebrations in Maffra each year. A BBQ is provided, thanks to funding from Wellington Shire Council, and local Australia Day awards are presented, in partnership with the local newspaper, the Gippsland Times. The Maffra Municipal Band provides musical entertainment and the National Anthem, and local guide or scout groups perform the flag raising ceremony.
Having a partnership with the Gippsland Times allows us to advertise for nominations for the awards, and we frequently have articles about the club’s activities printed in the newspaper. The partnership with the Wellington Shire is also beneficial, allowing us to apply for grants and to have local councillors coming along to give talks at events, including Australia Day.
The Rotary Club of Maffra and Gippsland Times Awards have three categories, the Quiet Achiever award, for an individual or couple, the Community Group Award, and the Junior Quiet Achiever Award. They are presented to people who are working in the community for the good of the community, and help to give them some recognition for their work.
Members of the wider community come along on the day to find out who has been chosen for the awards, to listen to the band, and to breakfast on the free egg and bacon rolls.
Australia Day in Maffra is a real community event, which brings Rotary into focus in the community in a very positive way.
Since the start of the pandemic there had been no Saturday morning Sausage Sizzles outside Woolworths in Maffra. After an enquiry towards the end of 2022 by a Rotary member, Woolworths agreed that we could once again borrow their BBQ and set up in their car park. We have since moved to the front of the building in the main street.
The BBQ was instantly successful, with some businesses putting in orders for 12 sausages or more at a time for their morning tea.
Rotary is not all about Sausage Sizzle but they are valuable for three main purposes. Feeding hungry workers and shoppers, not to mention their dogs! Raising money for Rotary projects. Getting Rotarians and the Rotary brand seen out in the community. We all wear Rotary shirts and/or aprons and we have club brochures to hand out. Most importantly our members are there for a chat about Rotary and what it stands for.
People often give donations to support our Club's community work while buying a sausage. Our Rotarians feel valued by the public and that makes being a Rotarian worthwhile.